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Monotonous asphalt roads, a waste of time ...

Change your opinion about tourism with the Patriot Path. For fans of extreme tourism, we propose to discover Armenia by the off-road trip. Legendary Uaz Patriots, which ones will change your perceptions about аll-terrain vehicles, overcoming the heights of the Armenian mountains, the flanking roads of the huge cliffs . With our drivers, you will pass, overcoming, thousands of miles off-road through the wind, soil, water and mud, ensuring a healthy dose of adrenaline and trips full by the adventure.

The straight line is a shortest way for connecting A point to B. But with the «Patriot Path», the shortest way, connecting the point A to B, passes through the mountains and ravines, mud, soil, rivers and waterfalls. We offer jeep tours towards to scenic places in Armenia, where next to the famous historical and cultural values are the unknown sides of the wonder nature, caves, castles, waterfalls, pristine wild places of nature. Our experienced instructors know what you will not find even the World Wide Web. Interesting stories, ancient legends and traditions of different parts of the highland.

And for the recreation beeng more enjoyable during the trip, the halts will be accompanied with tasting of the regional typical dishes. Patriot Path organizes also your extreme recreation in the bosom of nature: the mountain climbing, pilgrimages, accommodation in the guest houses and tents. Below you will see a package developed by our proposals, and routes can be changed according to your preference. By the way, if desired, you can drive a car, accompanied by our driver, also you can, trying to conquer independence the heights. There are no roads, no problems.