Our staff


Arpine Manukyan
Email: arpine@patriotpath.am
Contact number: +37444572222







Edgar Hakobyan

Technical director
Email: edgar@patriotpath.am
Contact number: +37444572227
English, Russian, Armenian
30 years
Drivers- instructors
Driving experience 12 years


I am an economist, but I have always preferred my favorite business, tourism and cars. Patriot Path company entrusts me the technical attendance, rearmament of the entirely new, legendary UAZ cars, in a word, I am the man, who is responsible for your safe journey. Off-road company has its own complexities, the cars always have to be under the control by specialists. And because the roads are unpredictable, they should also be well equipped with the necessary accessories. No matter how the trip is extreme, it should be protected against unnecessary inconveniences. I am a guarantor your beeng away from them.





Hovhannes Petrosyan
35 years
English, Russian, Armenian
Driving experience 12 years



 I am a lawyer by education, but I've always imagined myself in motorsport domain. The first vehicle was SUV, and maybe I just fell in love to our mountains, ponds due it, in a word, I've loved to overcome difficulties. I've never been in an accident due nor my fault, or somebody else. Perhaps it is because I treat to my car as well as to my wife. No, better. ) Yes, autosport for me from the amateur level past to the professional. I have participated in many competitions in Armenia, Russia and Georgia. Every time I define the new achievable goals and, overcoming, I feel satisfaction. It is the indescribable feeling, when your passengers become direct participants of your victories.





Mkrtich Khachatryan
34 years
English, Russian, Armenian
Driving experience 15 years



I am a cameraman. You probably already guessed that I have the perception of beauty, I like to discover the new, hidden, overcome invincibility, choose the most difficult from difficulties. 13 years ago, I went up with 06 on Ukhatasar and it all started ... It had become impossible to stop. Looking at the each point, I already put the goal forward, "I have to win it." I am especially thrilled when passengers put the new goal for me. SUV features I have checked in Armenian, Russian and the North Caucasusian off-roads. I have gone through everything possible: mud, clay, sudden descents, I even went against to the river watercours. Traveling, I've heard hundreds of myths, legends and true stories. I am sure they will make our journey more interesting.





Tigran Torosyan
31 years
English, Russian, Armenian
Driving experience 16 years



My first profession is the radio technician, the second profession, electronic business manager. Yes, but these fields have nothing to do with my achievements. I am a fan of Off-road, I'm a winner of the Russian off-road Cup and a winner of the off-road Cup in Yenoqavan. A good driver must quickly orient, respond quickly and have the ability to see the large space. Asphalt away I fill my lack of adrenaline. For me, there is always from a point A to point B to reach the short mountain way, if you're a fan of extreme sports, then this is the way for you.






Edgar Hakobyan
36 years
English, Russian, Armenian
Driving experience 20 years



I am a musician, but now the SUV replaced the violin, instead Beethoven symphony I prefer to listen to the symphony of nature. I like to drive in the forested areas, to overcome the drastic descents and unexpected turns. I like to find by old maps villages linking roads, which now no one remembers. If we pass along the way together, then you definitely will not go hungry. Immodest, I must say that I am an excellent consultant in food. I will ensure the right dose of your food and the adrenaline.






Sergey Ardjevanidze 28 years
Driving experience 10 years
English, Russian, Gorgean, Armenian
Champion of Armenia in different kinds of autosport



Autosport for me is not a hobby, but a profession. It is the indescribable feeling, when you are passing through through sands, mud, rocks and water, overcoming new heights. I like to descover the hidden, to find the forgotten roads. On the other side of the road, I get the missing dose of adrenaline. Be sure, that adrenaline will not seem to you a little, we will enjoy it together. I'm a sociable person, so on the road you won’t get bored.