One day picnic trip 300km

28.04.2017 - 28.04.2017

Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan-Agartsin-Gosh Lake-Yerevan


08-00                Meeting at the hotel
08.00 - 08.30   Breakfast
08:30 - 09:00   Briefing, introduction to the route
09.00                 Start
09.00 - 10.30   Coffee-break (Sevan)
11.00 - 13.30    Drive along the route (Sevan-Dilijan-Haghartsin-Lake Gosh)
13.30- 14.30     Picnic on the Lake Ghosh
14.30-16.30      Drive along the route (Gosh-Sevan Monastery)
17.00-18.30      Return to Yerevan

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Dilijan is one of the major cities in Armenia with the status of mountain climate and balneal resort. Dilijan is a city with an ancient history, mild climate, many holiday houses, guest houses, health resorts and tourist centers. Every year, many travellers come to Dilijan to enjoy its natural and architectural monuments of antiquity, the mountains and the forests that surround you at any point in the city, as well as to relax, improve your health, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the crystal clear water from the natural springs. Because of the synthesis of natural and recreational components Dilijan is the edge, which is famous for the treatment of pulmonary diseases.
A perfect harmony of untouched nature and splendid architecture where the human creativity and efforts only added to the overall beauty of the entire territory- all this you can see in Haghartsin.  A magnificent pearl warmly embraced within the green pearl of nature. Haghartsin monastery is  the magical piece of architecture. The combination of natural and architectural beauty is very impressive, and most visitors to Armenia do not ever see it. There are three main buildings still standing.
Is this the heaven we have been searching for? At least that is the sense one gets when in the presence of this extraordinary and strange beauty. Lake Gosh is located in Tavush region, near Gosh village. The length of the lake is 100 m, width – 80 m. Approximate depth is 8 m. In summer water temperature reaches up to 14 C. There are lots of different hand-made monuments in the territory of the lake: various rock formations, mineral springs and so on.
On the northwest part of the lake, on the narrow rocky peninsula there stands one of the most  prominent landmarks of medieval Armenian architecture – Sevanavank monastery. Sevanavank is one of the most visited tourism sights in Armenia. The remnants of the monastery constructed in the 9 th century include only two temples – Surb Arakelots and Surb Astvatsatsin standing among numerous khachkars. The church buildings were constructed from black tuff which probably gave the monastery its name “Sevanavank” - “the Black Monastery”. The churches are cross-shaped buildings. They are distinguished by their masonry from cut stones in combination with encasement of the drums and similar eaves and arches.

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