Three-day trip

08.06.2017 - 07.06.2018

Yerevan-Garni- Geghard - Vishapalich - Kaputan - Sevaberd -Akna Lake


10:00                Start / briefing
10: 00-11: 00  Garni (Excursion and Photostop)
11: 30-11: 50   Excursion and Fotostop
12: 30-14:00   Vishapalich Lake (Off-Road, Photostop Tour and Lunch)
14: 40-15:40   Tent camp construction
15: 40-18:00   Free time for rest and Photostop
18: 00-19:00   Master class of barbecue cooking and traditional Armenian cuisine.
19: 00-21:00   Dinner
21:00               Overnight


08:30               Start
09: 00-09:40  Breakfast
09: 40-10:40  Tent Camp preparations
10: 40-14:00  Off-road traffic to Lake Akna, (hiking, Photostop, Lunch)
14: 00-15:00  Tent Camp construction
15: 00-18:00  Free time for rest and photographing
18: 00-19:00  Master class of making vegetable dolma
19: 00-21:00  Dinner
21:00              Overnight


08:30               Start
09: 00-09:40  Breakfast
09: 40-10:40  Tent camp gathering
10: 40-12:00  Return to Yerevan (Akna lake - Abovyan 1 hour off-road traffic)

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Օur waypoints: 
"One of the quietest places. Clouds close the mountain Ararat, but it still looks great, "- writes about this wonderful place National Geographic. Charents Arch is located on the road to Garni and is used as a spectacular place to view Mt. Ararat and her valley. On a clear day it provides a simply spectacular view. This monument  was erected in 1957. The site has a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat from here. The words carved on the arch belong to one of Armenia's most famous poets, Yeghisheh Charents (1897-1937), and locals refer to the arch as Charents Arch.
The Hellenistic Garni Temple will remind you of  Roman styled structures and features a bathhouse that’s surrounded by an adornment of mosaics. The nearby Mashtots Hayrapet Church is still a stunner despite its ruinous conditions. The temple of Garni itself was dedicated to the sun goddess Mythra.  As a symbol of light and truth–Mitra was often illustrated in duel with a bull (darkness). The parts, fragments of graceful columns and wall stones were spread all around the temple. This circumstance made possible the restoration of the temple which took place in 1930s. 
Kanchgel is a mountain lake in Armenia, located in the crater of the volcano Lchayn on Geghama Plateau, 6 km away from the mountain Azhdahak, at an altitude of 3030 meters above sea level. Mirror area is 0.5 km², volume - 2500 thousand cubic meters, maximum depth - 15 m. The lake has only rain nutrition, it is covered with ice in winter. Alpine meadows are directly in the neighboring area of the lake.
Vishaps are ancient stone sculptures (end of 2nd - beginning on 1st millennium BC) which, according to the historians, were placed around the source of water. The name of the lake comes from this word.
Almost equidistant from the two high mountain ranges - the quadriceps Aragats and gorgeous two-headed Mount Ararat, symbol of Armenia, stretches one of the oldest cities in the world, along with Rome and Babylon, Nineveh and Carthage. Yerevan was founded in 782 BC.

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